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Plastic2go is an international manufacturer, wholesales, distributor and consultant in the plastic industry. Plastic2go group head office is in Brisbane, Australia. P2G group has branches in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand to cater for these growing industrial economies.

Plastic 2 go Indonesia is a member of the P2G Group and offers for rent and sale a wide range of plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers (pallecons) for the building, mining, electronics, automotive, packaging and food industries. We manufacture, distribute and sell plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers (pallecons) in all standards and for every purpose - Australian, ISO, Euro, Export (best for container freight) as well as special plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers, such as steel reinforced pallets.

Plastic 2 go Indonesia is a division of Libra Pty Ltd, Australian Company Number 011 076 038, registered in Australia since 1990 with Head Office in: Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Plastic2go offers engineering assistance and support, knowledge, technology and experience in the development, production and on-time delivery of plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers that set the industry standard in appearance, quality and functionality.

Plastic2go has a strong position in the Australian market and is currently expanding to New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and the South East Asia and Pacific regions.

Since early 1980, we have been operating within a group of international progressive manufacturers who have continued to evolve and reinvent themselves as premium full-service injection molders of various plastic materials.
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Our Mission

To develop, manufacture, rent and sell superior plastic products of the highest international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 9002 & TUV) with emphasis on customer satisfaction and full service engineering support.

To manufacture, rent and sell plastic products from materials that improve Earth's environment, while delivering international high quality products at a substantially lower prices.

To meet tomorrow's market demands TODAY!!!

To integrate the highest possible quality into every step of the manufacturing process, from the design to the delivery of the finished product.

Our Commitment

To partner with our customers, so we can meet and exceed their design, quality and service expectations.

To consistently meet the needs of tomorrow's market by expanding our capabilities and enhancing our services through ongoing research, development and technological advancement.

What is so special about our products?

Plastic Pallets

Plastic 2 go Indonesia has a unique range of plastic pallets in Jakarta. Some of our heavy duty pallets can last for 50 years! Made using the most modern technology with structural foam injection moulding ensure a stable, strong and UV resistance pallets that provide a better return on investment. Protect your products better for longer with our collection of plastic pallets that will suit your requirements. Please contact one of our logistics consultants to help you select the right pallet for your specific needs; we have pallets that can carry 400 kg up to 4,000 kg so the choice is the most extensive in Indonesia.

Plastic Crates

P2G offer for sale and rent in Jakarta a collection of plastic containers like no others! We have unique folding vented ergonomic plastic crates that not only look very attractive but also very lightweight and very strong. Most of our crates are made of virgin PP using injection molding technology so they weigh less and carry more. All our container boxes has smoother finish to avoid any damage to your products. Have a look at our huge range of solid crates and vented crates to get an initial feel of the options.

Plastic bulk containers

Plastic2go bulk containers are different from anything you have seen in Indonesia! They are smarter by design, stronger and can last for 50 years or more! We have heavy duty pallet boxes that carry up to 2 ton so when you are looking for more efficient materials handling system consider our bulk containers for all your logistics needs! When you want to save on transport costs consider our range of folding bulk containers that can reduce your return journey cost and storage space.


P2G Group websites include the following:

Plastic 2 go Australia
Plastic 2 go Thailand
Plastic 2 go Indonesia

Please click on any of the above links to learn more about our range of products in each country.

Orders and payment

Plastic2go minimum order for plastic pallets, crates and bulk containers is 20' sea container. The most efficient delivery method is by 40'HC to save on transport costs.

Payment: we accept payments for rent and sale of our plastic pallets and containers by any of the following methods:
1. Bank Transfer
2. Letter of credit (L/C)
3. Credit card
4. PayPal
Thank you for your business!

Plastic 2 go Indonesia catalogue

When you are looking for the best quality plastic packaging products in Indonesia we have the most extensive range of plastic pallets, crates and intermediate bulk containers (IBC).
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Plastic 2 go Indonesia catalogue

Plastic 2 go Indonesia Presentation

Plastic 2 go Indonesia design, manufacture and supply reusable packaging for more efficient transport, logistics, materials handling and storage.
To view our power point presentation please click here or contact one of our logistics consultants near you for a reliable solution for your specific issues.

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