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SPECIAL: Export Plastic Bulk Containers

Be Quick and buy!

We are now selling our newest products for a limited time at especially low prices, as we introduce them into the Indonesian market.

The BeQuick units are dismantle-able export plastic bulk containers. They are an excellent choice for the storage, transport and display of any light-to-medium weight goods.

BeQuick export plastic bulk containers (bins) are brand new and come with a lid.

We are now offering them for a bargain price.
Export plastic bulk containers by plastic 2 go indonesia - better by design!
Request a quotation before prices go up!

Folding Solid Euro Bulk Container (IBC)

Folding Solid ISO Bulk Container (IBC)

Folding Solid Jumbo Bulk Container (IBC)

What is so special about these export plastic bulk containers?

  • High Return Ratio - Take up 4.16 times less space on return trips
  • Very Low Weight - Parts can be handled by hand when dismantled
  • Bottom Ventilation - Wall and lid ventilation also available
  • Stacking Strength & Durability - Stacking strength comes from thickness and material density of the walls
* Offer valid for a limited time only

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