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Product Length (mm) Width (mm) High (mm) Load Type (kg) Static Load (kg) Dynamic Load (kg) Weight (kg) Stacking Forklift Entry
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 Custom plastic pallet made specifically for your needs. Tell us your pallets requirements and we shall make them for you!

Better products by design!

The Australian plastic pallet is the ideal solution for exporters from Indonesia to Australia! This pallet comply with the Australian standards and measure 1100 x 1100 mm. Some people call this size the Asian pallet as it is also very popular pallet in Asia.

The square Australian plastic pallets fit perfect in sea containers, on trucks and on the rack in a warehouse to ensure an ideal all around system of materials handling.

Buy Plastic 2 go Indonesia Australian pallet in Jakarta to ensure you get the latest technology and save cost on logistics and transport expenditure!

P2G Australian plastic pallets are very light weight from 7 kg and can carry 1,000 kg dynamic load or 1,200 kg with snap on skids and up to 2,500 kg static load.