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Plastic Pallets \ X-Custom

Product Length (mm) Width (mm) High (mm) Load Type (kg) Static Load (kg) Dynamic Load (kg) Weight (kg) Stacking Forklift Entry
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 Custom plastic pallet made specifically for your needs. Tell us your pallets requirements and we shall make them for you!

Better products by design!

One way and export plastic pallets are the ideal tools to export your products from Indonesia! P2G has very lightweight pallets for sale in Jakarta from 4.2 kg which cost about $12/pallet CNF Jakarta / Surabaya / Medan / Batam.

Plastic 2 go Indonesia export plastic pallets are easy to handle, very light weight, nestable, strong and cheap and keep your products in great shape for the shipping journey. We also have snap on skids that can add strength and reduce damage when stacking the pallets on cartons or soft items.

One way pallets offer a great solution when you deliver your products to your clients in Indonesia! For example a plantation in Lampung that deliver natural rubber bales to a tires factory in Tangerang can use a one way plastic pallet to ensure the goods arrive in top shape at a low cost.