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Plastic Pallets \ X-Custom

Product Length (mm) Width (mm) High (mm) Load Type (kg) Static Load (kg) Dynamic Load (kg) Weight (kg) Stacking Forklift Entry
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 Custom plastic pallet made specifically for your needs. Tell us your pallets requirements and we shall make them for you!

Better products by design!

Plastic 2 go Indonesia offer for rent and sale in Jakarta a great range of ISO plastic pallets; the pallets measure 1200 x 1000 mm and fit perfectly on a truck, sea container and on the rack in a warehouse.

ISO plastic pallets are the most popular choice in Indonesia! This international standard pallet large size is ideal for cement, sugar, rubber bales, ceramic, electronic, pharmaceutical and export shipping.

Most of our plastic crates fit perfectly on an ISO pallet to ensure complete delivery system in the most efficient manner. For example our Euro plastic crates 600 x 400 mm fit exactly 5 in a raw on an ISO pallet.

Plastic2go ISO plastic pallets in Indonesia comes in a range of sizes from export pallets, medium duty and heavy duty to suit every client needs.