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Solid Bulk Container  B2GC1311S

1400 liters HDPE Jumbo plastic bulk container that carry 2,000 kg! This solid pallet container can stack 7 boxes high and carry 7,000 kg static load. One of the largest and strongest plastic box in the market that can last for 40 years. Best container for car parts and raw materials. Rent from 0.50 Euro/box/day

External Length: 1300 mm
External Width: 1150 mm
External Height: 1250 mm
Internal Length: 1230 mm
Internal Width: 1080 mm
Internal Height: 1090 mm
Effective Height: 1090 mm
Features: Solid
Static Load: 7000 kg
Dynamic Load: 2000 kg
Volume: 1400 litre
Effective Volume: 1400 litre
Forklift Entry: 4-way
Bottom Support : 3 runners
Weight: 71 kg
Nesting Height: 0 mm
Material: HDPE
Category: Jumbo 1200x1200

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Plastic Bulk Container - best plastic box in Indonesia, Solid, HDPE, Jumbo 1200x1200, B2GC1311S
1400 liters HDPE Jumbo plastic bulk container that carry 2,000 kg